Devil out! Good luck in!

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 SETSUBUN 3rd of Feb.


This day is the end of winter.

People throw roasted soybeans with saying “Devil out! Good luck in!” inside and outside the house.

People eat as many beans as their age to wish for good luck.

Why roasted beans?

The evil of the previous year is prevended from sprouting from the beans in new year.

Why holly spring and bakes sardine’s head?

Those are on the entrance door of our house to get rid of Ogre.
A holly spring is shaped sharply  and its stick into eyes of Ogre.
Bakes sardine stinks and so that Ogre won’t come in.

How to eat sushi roll

  1. Face the lucky direction of the year.
  2. Eat one sushi roll with stopping. No words!
  3. If you speak, your good fortune will be gone.



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