A rabbit punding rice cake in moon in Japan!

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On 27th of Sep, there is a  farvest festival  held to appreciate the full moon in Japan.

The markings on the moon surface is seen as a rabbit pounding rice cake. Can you see it ?


Why Rabbit?

Once upon a time, there were a rabbit, fox and monky.

Three animals came across one elderly and asked them for food.

A monky went into montain for some nuts and a fox  went fising in a river for fish, and a rabbit tried to find something, but couldn’t find anything.

A rabbit felft quilty and jumped in a fire saying to a elderly “Sorry I couldn’t find anything for you, so please eat me” .

Acturally, the  elderly was one of the guardian deities in Buddhism ,

he felt sorry for a rabbit and its sacrification and gave a rabbit  new life in moon.

It is said that there are rabbits on the moon.



People offer  moon-viewing round dumplings with  taro potato,

and Japanese pampas grasses which people believe it prevents

the family from diseases and also regads it as a charm against


We cherish  good luck carm.




What can you see in the moon in your country?

We survey some countries with reards to stories of full moon.

It’s very interesting to see many silhouettes  in just  one moon in the world.

  1.  Canadian indian     A girl carring a backet
  2.  Arab                          A barking lion
  3.  Germany                  A man carring firewood
  4.  Southen Europe      A crab with big claws
  5.  Northen Europe     A old lady reading a book


You can see various rabbit cakes in stores in Japan.





Of course MacDonald’s  we love,too!

During this festival season in Japan,

McDonald’s sells “Tsukimi burgers” which have sunny-side up eggs in them.

Egg looks like full moon.

That’s why I got it for today’ lunch.







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