Japanese beautiful sweets (wagashi)

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1 2 Just like a work of art! Japanese traditional Sweets Wagashi 和菓子Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets that are usually enjoyed in great combination with green tea Matcha. Making Calmshell sweets Sweet azuki bean paste (anko) is almost used as  ingredient in Japanese traditional sweets, Wagashi Japanese dry confectionery Dry confectionery consists of sugar and used at tea ceremony. GIRLS DRESSES Vivamus sit amet odio sed quam volutpat ullamcorper vitae at mauris. Aenean ullamcorper vestibulum sagittis. Nulla vel ornare mauris, id congue nisi.  GIRLS SHOES Vivamus sit amet odio sed quam volutpat ullamcorper vitae at mauris. Aenean ullamcorper vestibulum sagittis. Nulla vel ornare mauris, id congue nisi.  BOYS SHOES Vivamus … Continued

New Year’s Day

How does peple spend 30Dec.to New year’s day in Japan?  1 “Japanese wives has no time to relax. They spend couples of gloomy days. We explain the reasons why” what they should do are countless,,, Cooking New Year’s Dishes(Osechi) Each dishes has special meaning such as health, longevity, fertility and luck, and it condenses Japanese beautiful culture. Giving New Year’s gift money Adults give money as a special allowance to young children. Money disappears as if it sprouted wings and flew away. The most poorest are adults and the most richest are their children in Japan. Visiting temple and shrine both Ring a eve bell at a temple and worship … Continued

Japanese Best Appetizer Recipes

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Let’s easy to cook 1 mineute Japanese appetizer! ”Easy! but Too delicous!!  Just like creamy sweet cheese cake! ” Don’t you think it difficult to make Japanese cuisuine in your home country? Tofu. One of Japanese famouse foods is very famous among health-councous people. .                 Recently we guess you could get Tofu easily in your countries. However, do you know the Japanese traditional cuisines with Tofu? How about Japanese ingredients?? Or do you know how amount of ingredients and what kinds of ingredients you should use?   Don’t worry!!   We introduce one of Japanese traditional cuisine used by Tofu and tofu dressing powder including some seasoning … Continued

Sesami Dressing Powder

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1 2 Sprinkle Magic 1 minutes cooking Cut your favorite vegitable easy to make delicious Japanese dish! microwave 30 seconds if you want enjoy bento time! Sprinkle it on the vegetable. Sesami Dressing Powder Just have a try! Made in Japan. Cooka members use it everydays,too! buy by Paypal

Soybeans Powder (Roasted ) Kinako

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             Our Amazing Soybeans     1 2 3 4 Amasing rich benefit of Soybeans good source of isoflavones, Vitamine E, Fiber etc, Reduce LDL cholesterol, blood fat,, It’s countless! One sprinkle, more healther! How to use? Just sprinkle soybeans powder on your ice, yourglt, cereals, smoothies! It’s simple! Great combination with Japanese sweets and snacks. Japanese sweets made with soybeans are very popular because of its flaver and taste. Just delicious! 100% Made in Japan and good quality. Our products are100% made in Japan. Cooka memebers always use those products. We introduce only what we use everydays. Soybeans  in your life Amazing  products Roasted Soybean Powder … Continued

The Ninja Box ; Healthy

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    Konnyaku is made from Konnyaku potato (yam cake). often used as a super diet food which is no calories, but is high in fiber!  It  has very little taste itself, and  two flavors of those snacks are chicken broth, and, salt with a slightly oceanic taste(seaweed).         This fruit jelly is made from Yam cake. It tastes like just Nata de coco. Grapes flavor and Peach flavor.           Women strugle to stay slim and  at the same time, they can’t resist to eat chocolate.   This cube chocolate has  two women’s desires. It compounds of roasted soy bean in a class of phytoestrogens known as soy isoflavones. It tastes sweet milky chocolate with … Continued

Japanese superfoods : Freeze-dried Tofu

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             Superfoods Freeze-Dried Tofu     1 2 3 4 What’s Koyadofu? Freeze-dried tofu and Rehydrated koyadofu has a spongy texture and tastes sweets from seasoning. Nutrition One of the most strongest superfoods in Japan. Low fat, cholesterol free, and sodium free. A concentrated source of iron and calcium. Also long term preservation!! Lucky you. How to cook Easy to cook because of our frozen dried tofu has soup powers, therefore, you need only water and a pan! Go Shopping! Quick enjoy cooking Japanese traditional koya dofu in your country! Don’t worry ! We will help you by using the short movie! Our Latest Menu … Continued

Zen Food Diet

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1 2 3 4 5 Difficult to cook Japanese Zen Food?? Nooo! Easy to make Japanese Super Foods! We use them everydays! Vegitalian Zen meals are based on Buddhist monk’s cuisuine that helps all of you to be healthier and enjoy pleasure of eating without any stress. Cooka introduces mainly Japanese traditional healthy superfoods to cook easily and enjoy amazing taste. Happy Body and Mind. Also Japanese tradisional cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. Why don’t you have a try of such a amazing foods easily!! The reson why Japanese super healthy food is so popular now 1)It is because Japanese foods are deeply associated … Continued

Izakaya Japanese public house is heavenly!

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Isakaya used to be the place where Japanese business men came to drink beer after hard work in Japan. Now Isakaya became complemented by a growing population of independent women, students, and families.         ■ 4 reasons you should go to Izakaya   Izakaya is the central Japanese real culture! When we  are asked by travellers where to visit in Japan, we definitely recommend supermarkets and Izakaya. Izakaya is the perfect place to enjoy the Japanese “real “food (delicious) and the people watching. You see and learn lots of Japanese life style in there, such as, how to eat many various Japanese dishes with using chopsticks.   So … Continued

Mari Makinami VS Tenshinhan

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          I bought a figure of Mari Makinami of Evangelion at the convenience store nearby. She really looks good in glasses.                             She notices someone standing on the back! ” the Beast!!??”                                                 Tenchinhan of Dragonball !! I wonder which is??                 These figure are only used as display. They are almost brand-new. If you want them. let me know.        

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