Higan –

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  Higan is a seven-day period surrounding the autumnal equinox, Sep.23th. During those days, we have a custom to visit our ancstores’ gave to respect them and offer bean cakes called ohagi.          

Fortune Daruma Crackers – Always stand-up!

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This kawaii Japanese cracker is called Fuku-Daruma. Fuku means good luck, happy, forunte,etc, and Daruma is  modeled after Bodhidharma who was the founder of the Zen  Buddhism. Daruma doll represents  Bodhidharma sitting in meditation.  It is weighted on the bottom, so it always recovers upright position.  Daruma is regarded more as a bringer of good luck and as a symbol of perseverance and reaching the objective, because  it always stands up positively.     Those ccrackers tastes crispy!  Each face is  different. So cute. Can’t eat it, but ate

EDAMAME Salt is needed only and perfect snack to everyone!

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      Edamame is young green soybeans. What’s seacret Edamame ?     【Reason 1】Healty food. Edamame have many great  health benefits. They’re low in fat and calories, but high in protain and fiber. Therefore Edamame are prized among vegetarians becaues of their high protein content. Perfect for diet and better than chips!     【Reason 2】Easy-cooking Just put Edamame into boiling waterbeasoned with salt  for 5-7 minutes until slightly tender. That’s all. Japanese resuturant often serves  Eamame as appitizer and best with beer. Salt boiled Edamame is  yummy  the best.     【Reason 3】Good chores for kids! Edamame is sold everywhere, even in conveniencet store  in Japan all the year round.     … Continued

Are all of those machines really needed?

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 This is a Japanese freeway service station and rest area. Japanese freeway is not free way, turnpike.     Just only one bottle is needed,,,,,. Heaps of Bitter Gourds. They are all free!!!!     How !!! Farmers near around this area must put those on the plate for drivers. Bitter Gourds contains a lot of Vitamin C to reflesh.  Very generous!  

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