School starts! new life starts!

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April is a special month in Japan. New life starts from April! Everything starts from this month. The new school term started today! My daughter (and my husband also) went to school with a lunch box. That means,,, making their lunches starts in every morning,,, (sigh)

Funnassy goes to London to meet Kara!

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      Japanese most of local government and cities made their mascots to publicize their local foods and area for tourists and people. These characters are called “Yuru-Kyara” which means “loose characters”.   It is because they seems to be somewhat goofy and rough. Funassy is one of the most popular mascot of Funahashi city, Chiba  in Japan. He is a pear fairy, but he has incredible physical performance , different from his appearance.  He looks “loose” but he really works “hard”.      

Kakizome – Student winter homewok

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Kakizome : First Calligraphy Written at The Beginning of A Year Japanese school students are assigned to Kakisome as a their winter holidays homework. Grade 1 and 6 girls start to write Kakizome 2nd January, 2013. They are concentrating. I’ve done ! Some department stores display student’s Kakizome. Grade 1 – “Raising Sun” Grade 5   “Light of peace”    “Mt.Fuj”  ” Five coloured clouds”   Grade 9    Cool!          

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