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Do you want to travel to Japan to discover Japanese culture? I hope our categolies to get you really interested in real Japanese culture and life. Go to Japan in our site.

Event & Festival

Japanese festivals are full of unique and beautiful tradition. Also  they  express our soul and real way of dayly life. 

Japanese beautiful garden


Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossom,  Zen garden, Hot spring, Japan have many beautiful nature peacefully along with architecture.   

Japanese beautiful sweets


KitKat, Hi-chew, Mikado pokey etc. Japan has many world famous snack and sweets  in the world. Let's find out!  Wow, mouthwatering! 

Shinkansen, toilet, Vending machine . Japanese high-technology is awesome!

High technology

Japanese high-tech toilet surprises many foreigners in Japan. Also Japanese bullet train arriving just in time,and vending machines supplying hot& cold drinks are amazing.  

Japanese beautiful kawaii products


Figures of Pikachew, Dragonball, Evangellion, Hello Kitty. Japanese sub culture goods are full of Kawaii and Cool. Also Japanese stationaries are highyl estimated in the world. Let's find out!  

Japanese cuisine

Japanese traditional cuisine is added to UNESCO's Intangble Cultural Heritage list. Let's  take a look at delicious Japan!  Just go to local market(or shop in our site!) and don’t leave Japan without trying…