Gods in one grain of Rice

The rice harvest has just started around my place. Can’t wait new crop.               Why do Japanese people love rice so much?   Rice tells Japanese soul According to Japanese mythology, Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Oomikami) , she gave one of god childrne order to harvest rice palnts on earth. His […]

Higan –

  Higan is a seven-day period surrounding the autumnal equinox, Sep.23th. During those days, we have a custom to visit our ancstores’ gave to respect them and offer bean cakes called ohagi.          



Samurai Fujiyama,,, Cupnoodle!

  I found cool Japanese CM. Check it out! 侍、富士山、、、カップヌードル!! Samurai, Fujiyama, Cupnoodle!!      

Are all of those machines really needed?

 This is a Japanese freeway service station and rest area. Japanese freeway is not free way, turnpike.     Just only one bottle is needed,,,,,. Heaps of Bitter Gourds. They are all free!!!!     How !!! Farmers near around this area must put those on the plate for drivers. Bitter Gourds contains a lot of Vitamin C […]

Diner Lunch

At very popular diner restaurant “SATO” Sushi lunch with buckwheat noodle and Tempura ¥1,280 Very fresh  ! Very reasonable price!  

Sweet Azuki beans ban with Macha flavor

                                                Sweet beans ban with Macha flavor and Natural Mineral water