New Year’s Day

How does peple spend New year’s day in Japan?  1 “Japanese wives has no time to relax. They spend couples of gloomy days. We explain the reasons why” what they should do are countless,,, Cooking New Year’s Dishes(Osechi) Each dishes has special meaning such as health, longevity, fertility and luck, and it condenses Japanese beautiful culture. Giving New Year’s gift money Adults give money as a special allowance to young children. Money disappears as if it sprouted wings and flew away. The most poorest are adults and the most richest are their children in Japan. Visiting temple and shrine both Ring a eve bell at a temple and worship … Continued

Izakaya Japanese public house is heavenly!

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Isakaya used to be the place where Japanese business men came to drink beer after hard work in Japan. Now Isakaya became complemented by a growing population of independent women, students, and families.         ■ 4 reasons you should go to Izakaya   Izakaya is the central Japanese real culture! When we  are asked by travellers where to visit in Japan, we definitely recommend supermarkets and Izakaya. Izakaya is the perfect place to enjoy the Japanese “real “food (delicious) and the people watching. You see and learn lots of Japanese life style in there, such as, how to eat many various Japanese dishes with using chopsticks.   So … Continued

Doll’s Festival for girls

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March 3rd is very exciting day for Japanese girls! It is  Hina-Matsuri, the Doll’s Festival for girls is an event to pray for young girls growth and happiness. The family with girls display a set of dolls together with peach which express as ward off evil, and have some special dishes.   We have chirashi-sushi (vinegared rice with scattered ingredients) and clam soup, and sweet white sake, ricecake cubes, and diamond-shaped rice cake. Why chirashi-sushi? Its Ingredients are selected from auspicious names of the foods. Shrimps    long life Stem of a lotus any colorful veritable are available.   Why clam soup? Clam has two shells only overlap perfectly when they are from the same … Continued

Devil out! Good luck in!

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   SETSUBUN 3rd of Feb.   This day is the end of winter. People throw roasted soybeans with saying “Devil out! Good luck in!” inside and outside the house. People eat as many beans as their age to wish for good luck. Why roasted beans? The evil of the previous year is prevended from sprouting from the beans in new year. Why holly spring and bakes sardine’s head? Those are on the entrance door of our house to get rid of Ogre. A holly spring is shaped sharply  and its stick into eyes of Ogre. Bakes sardine stinks and so that Ogre won’t come in. How to eat sushi roll Face the … Continued

Harvest moon in Google

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27 th of Sep. is Harvest moon festival  in Japan. Lots of sweets and goods for Harvest moon is seen in everywhere in Japan toady.   Google JPN also celebrates  Harbest moon. Here is So cute logo! Tonigt we enjoy full moon with Sake and sweets.   A full moon in Sake. How cool!