sesami dressing powder

Sesami Dressing Powder

1 2 Sprinkle Magic 1 minutes cooking Cut your favorite vegitable easy to make delicious Japanese dish! microwave 30 seconds if you want enjoy bento time! Sprinkle it on the vegetable. Just have a try! Made in Japan. Cooka members use it everydays,too! buy by Paypal

Japanese soup stock dashi

Zen Food Diet

We LOVE soybeans and eat soybeans almost everyday through Miso soup, Natto, or Edamame.We often enjoy using it with Japanese sweets. Tastes amazing!  Vegitalian Soymeat Substitutes. Made with non-GMO soybeans and zero agricultural chemicals brawn rice. Zero cholesterol, high fiber, low GI.  Do you struggle to make Japanese cuisine and create Japanese flavor in your country?? No worry! This sesame dressing […]


Izakaya Japanese public house is heavenly!

Isakaya used to be the place where Japanese business men came to drink beer after hard work in Japan. Now Isakaya became complemented by a growing population of independent women, students, and families.         ■ 4 reasons you should go to Izakaya   Izakaya is the central Japanese real culture! When we  are […]

EDAMAME Salt is needed only and perfect snack to everyone!

      Edamame is young green soybeans. What’s seacret Edamame ?     【Reason 1】Healty food. Edamame have many great  health benefits. They’re low in fat and calories, but high in protain and fiber. Therefore Edamame are prized among vegetarians becaues of their high protein content. Perfect for diet and better than chips!     【Reason 2】Easy-cooking […]