Gods in one grain of Rice

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Rice Harvest稲刈り

The rice harvest has just started around my place.

Can’t wait new crop.













Why do Japanese people love rice so much?


Rice tells Japanese soul

According to Japanese mythology,

Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Oomikami) , she gave one of god childrne order to harvest rice palnts on earth.

His name is Hono ninigi’ which  means a good rice harvest.

So we believe rice is a gift from God.


Therefore, Japanese mothers or teachers  tell children to be grateful for nature and farmers and

make sure to eat all your rice in your bowl.

People said  if you leave  even one grain of rice in your bowl, you’ll go blind in old times.

Also they said there are Gods in each grain of rice and we have to treasure even one grain of rice.



赤飯Red-bean rice (seki-han) is made of sticky rice

(mochi)with little red beans.

The red color is rumored to have the power

to drive out bad spirits.

So People make red-bean rice

for special happy  moment.








We give thanks with the word “itadakimasu,

which expresses our thanks for the bounty of nature

(plants, animals, farmers, everything!), and life itself.

We are linked to natural living creatures through rice.





Times have changed.

Bread become so popular  among young people (I love it, too).

Fast  food and instant food  are available on every corner,

but we hope rice remains the food that ties together people and nature, as well as people and people.





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