Izakaya Japanese public house is heavenly!

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Isakaya used to be the place where Japanese business men came to drink beer after hard work in Japan.

Now Isakaya became complemented by a growing population of independent women, students, and families.






■ 4 reasons you should go to Izakaya


Izakaya is the central Japanese real culture!

When we  are asked by travellers where to visit in Japan,
we definitely recommend supermarkets and Izakaya.

Izakaya is the perfect place to enjoy the Japanese “real “food (delicious) and the people watching.
You see and learn lots of Japanese life style in there, such as,
how to eat many various Japanese dishes with using chopsticks.


So let’s go to Izakaya in here in our website!


Japanese public bar Izakaya

japanese public bar Izakaya


When you enter the Izakaya, free welcome drink(usually tea or cold water ) and wet towel or wet paper napkins called Oshibori are offered  to clean their hands. This service is quite good!!!

wet towel oshibori


Next, customers sometimes are served a small appetizer.
It is a small central food art to express Japanese daily real and popular cuisine.
Usually those are very easy to cook. So you should have a try later.




Izakaya offers various alcohol drinks,such as, beer, Japanese hot sake, Cocktail, distilled spirits.
There are hundreds of brands to choose from.
Of course, non alcohol beer and soft drinks are offered. That’s why the population of young ladies and children are increasing and they also enjoy dinner in Izakaya.




Also the dished are generall small and reasonable price.
Therefore foods can be shared by everyone. People can enjoy many different tastes to share.

Izakaya is not just the place to eat, it’s to enjoy chatting with your families and friends.

We will introduce some very popular dishes below.
You SHOULD have a try! They all go well with beer and Japanese hot sake!


 Grilled barbecued chicken

grilled barbecued chiken




Fried chicken

fried chicken



Tasty chiken wings

chicken wings





Of course sashimi



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