Japanese Best Appetizer Recipes

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Let’s easy to cook 1 mineute Japanese appetizer!

”Easy! but Too delicous!!  Just like creamy sweet cheese cake! ”

Don’t you think it difficult to make Japanese cuisuine in your home country?

Tofu. One of Japanese famouse foods is very famous among health-councous people. .










Recently we guess you could get Tofu easily in your countries.

However, do you know the Japanese traditional cuisines with Tofu?

How about Japanese ingredients??

Or do you know how amount of ingredients and what kinds of ingredients you should use?


Don’t worry!!


We introduce one of Japanese traditional cuisine used by Tofu and tofu dressing powder including some seasoning dressing.

Let’s get started to cook!

  1. tofu
    only spinach and tofu needed












boil spinach
boil spinach (1 minutes)












cut spinach and tofu
cut spinach












tofu dressing powder
tofu dressing powder











sprinkle tofu dressing powder
Sprinkle tofu dressing powder












tofu dressing powder










Very Easy. It tastes creamy sweet cheese cake.

This magical tofu dressing powder make you feel great because you can cook a real traditional Japanese cuisine easily.

This is also great healthy appetizers with wine and beer! Of course we couldn’t resist potato chips with beer!

I understand because I myself love potato chips, too!

But high calories and lots of salt and oil are contained in it and that is  not so healthy.

Making Japanese appetizer with vegetables and tofu  is same as easy  as eating  potato chips. It takes 1 minutes only!

All of Cooka stuff also love this dressing powder. We can get this small packet tofu dressing powder everyday in

every local supermarkets in Japan.


Our mission;

The reason why we Cooka introduce Japanese cuisine recipes.


Why is tofu so world-wide popular?

Because it is very healthy. It contains large amounts of protein with very little fat and no cholesterol.

We are very proud of our super healthy food, Tofu.  We would love to introduce such a traditional healthy cuisine with

quick recipe.

Tofu in miso soup or tofu salad are very popular in foreign countries, but what else??

This creamy tofu appetizer make your life more enjoyable and healthy.

How don’t you serve Japanese real cuisine  at  your home party?? Your guests must be surprised and keep asking how to cook!!

Our passion is to introduce such amazing Japanese foods to the following people,

who have been to Japan before and still been missing Japanese items and foods,

who have never been to Japan and want to have a try Japanese items and foods in your homeland.

who are interested in food cultures of foreign countries.

Our service;

You can get Tofu itself easily, but difficult to find this dressing powder in your countries.

Cooka stuff  would like to shop for you in Japan.


Shopping Service  is only JPY ¥500, which includes 1)shopping video service  2) thankyou goods service with one Japanese lucky coin.

about 1)  We record the video which the COOKA staff shop Japanese items which you inform us of via email.

That is very fun. You can understand what the Japanese supermarket is like and know Japanese food culture with watching our video.

Enjoy watching our video and know how to buy your goods.

Through watching our shopping video, you know the right price (with no margin ).

Therefore we demand a payment of proper price and shipping fees and shopping service fee JPY¥500 only.

Our profit is only JPY¥500!  Very simple.


about 2) thankyou goods service.

One parcel attach one Japanese lucky coin, ¥5coin.

Why?  This coins are often used an expression of friendship. ¥5(go-en)and ご縁(means frendship)are the same  pronunciation.

Japanese people use 5 yen coin of money as prays for it in Japan to be able to become a friend with you.

When you collect five ¥5 coins, please let us know, COOKA send you a surprise present!


Good choice for great life!!

有難う!Thank you!


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