Japanese superfoods : Freeze-dried Tofu

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Superfoods Freeze-Dried Tofu



What's Koyadofu?
Freeze-dried tofu and Rehydrated koyadofu has a spongy texture and tastes sweets from seasoning.
One of the most strongest superfoods in Japan. Low fat, cholesterol free, and sodium free. A concentrated source of iron and calcium. Also long term preservation!! Lucky you.
How to cook
Easy to cook because of our frozen dried tofu has soup powers, therefore, you need only water and a pan!
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Quick enjoy cooking Japanese traditional koya dofu in your country! Don't worry ! We will help you by using the short movie!

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freeze-dried tofu

Freezed dried tofu




How  to cook Koyadofu?


Very simple 

1 Put 5 powder soup stocks in  water (3 cups)

2 Soak 5 koyadofu in it

3 Simmer them gently for 15 minutes until it has absorbed much of the soup.

4 Done!


The freeze dried Tofu, Koyadofu has an excellent source of iron, calcium and the minerals manganese.

Soft and fluffy, and tastes juicy as freeze dried tofu soaked soup well. 

Most of Japanese cuisine are cooked with lightly flavored. So is this. 
That is great for your blood.  Heavy flavor with greasy and salty ingredients damage your blood and

causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Enjoy light flavored broth!

COOKA stuffs often chop into chunks and used smaller koyadofu cubes for Bento lunch!


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