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Our Amazing Soybeans



Amasing rich benefit of Soybeans
good source of isoflavones, Vitamine E, Fiber etc, Reduce LDL cholesterol, blood fat,, It's countless!
One sprinkle, more healther!
How to use? Just sprinkle soybeans powder on your ice, yourglt, cereals, smoothies! It's simple!
Great combination with Japanese sweets and snacks.
Japanese sweets made with soybeans are very popular because of its flaver and taste. Just delicious!
100% Made in Japan and good quality.
Our products are100% made in Japan. Cooka memebers always use those products. We introduce only what we use everydays.

Soybeans  in your life

Amazing  products

Roasted Soybean Powder
Roasted Soybean Powder

Roasted Soybeans Powder. You can just only sprinkle on your sweets or drink! 

S0ybeans Stick Bar
Soybeans Stick Bar

Sweet Soybeans Stick Bar made with soybeans, Honey. Soft texture. Very healthy snack. Pop it in your mouth at work !


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