Let's celebrate your special events with Japanese Sake cup !

How many times you can celebrate your special events with your families, friends in your life? Cherish your beautiful memories with Japanese beautiful sake cups.

Cube Nishikikoi 錦鯉

Cube Carp Nishikikoi

Japanese beautiful Carp NISHIKI KOI called Swimming  jewelry for its dynamic and elegant form, and known as a symbol of success in life.

Cube Syaraku with cercle EN 円

Cool Sharaku  with beautiful cent of cypress ball well-known for its healing, deodorant and  relaxing effects. . Sharaku keeps his's eyes on your good luck, also. Have a relax. 

Cube Daruma

Dharma  is regarded as a bringer of good luck and also as symbol of  perseverance . When you face difficulty, stand up and carry on until you achieve your goal. Go for it. We support you with your mini daruma!

zen matcha masu design of Sumo wrestler and Kangaroo

Cube Sumo

Bring it on! Sumo wrestling of A Quiet Sumo wrestler and a cute Kangaroo.  Whichever win, they starts with a bow and ends with a bow to respect each other . Sumo wrestler enjoys playing with animals, too.

zen matcha masu Cube Samurai Japanese sake cupe design date vs anteater

Cube Samurai Date

"Bring it on!" Cute Anteater tries to fight a Japanese Cool Samurai Warrior, Date Masamune who are one of the most popular Japanese samurai bushi warrior in the world. Whichever win, they starts with a bow and ends with a bow to respect each other . That's so cool spirit.

Japanese sake cup design of Samurai Date Masamune

Cube Samurai helmet

Do you know Darth Vader inspired by Japanese samurai DATE MASAMUNE who  had the most influence samurai warrior in Japanese history. Turn your thought toward ancient and imagine Date Masamune and Darth Vader have a japanese sake with this cup in somewhere in space.

Japanese cypress wooden cup sakura design

Cube Sakura mini

Cherry Blossom SAKURA are a symbol of hope and future happiness in Japan. Also Sakura bloom and fade within 2 weeks. That reminds us of life is short. We must live ourselves to the fullest and live happy with your families and friends. Cheers.

Japanese wooden sake cup masu design sakura


Saku in full bloom blowing in the wind. Life is beautiful and fleeting. So enjoy the moment. Have a toast.

Cube Sakura Kurenai

Classic design  pattern of flower printed. Pink is very Kawaii in Japan. Why don't you celebrate your birthday with your families or friends in Japanese classic style this year.

Japanese cypress wooden cup chojyu giga design

Cube Chojyu -giga

Chojyu-giga is known as the most oldest Manga and  were drawn 800 years ago! Look at the drawing verrrry carefully. Rabbit wins in sumo wrestling with flog, but originally flog wins. What a life!  Life is full of humorous.  We will never know what happens in life. Enjoy your life! Cheers!

Japanese wooden sake cup masu design Sharaku

Cube Sharaku Laser

Cube Carp Nishikikoi laser

Two carps Nishikikoi are about to jump forward sky. Fine and detailed lasered Nishikikoi is just amazing.  Imagine the look on your friends’ faces if you present this beautiful laser-cut Nishikikoi at your party.