Obon festival starts! What is Obon??

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Obon(around the 13th ~16th of August) is  the home coming time for the souls of ancestors.
Families get together to prepare special foods (dumplling and vegitable  ) and visit their grave and get the priest recite Buddha’s teachings, and visit tombs.

Duplling and Vegitable




















                                           Pour Water On The Grave

Preta is called Gaki “hungry ghost” in Japan. Japanese Buddhists have observed a special day to remember the gaki. Through such offerings and remembrances , it is believed that the hungry ghosts who are wandering in this world as muen botoke ( a person who died leaving nobody to look after his ( her ) grave ) . may be released from their torment.

 The  water through Jizo Bosatsu ‘s mercy can reach not only ancesters but also Gaki ‘s throat and he can interrupt suffering for a while .











For priests, the August is the most busiest month.

In the evenings, many local communities invite people to join Bon-Odori, for which people dance making a big circle wearing Japanese summer Kimono called Yukata.



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