Green tea, Macha  is one of the healthiest beverage. It fights cancer, protects against heart disease, and contains a lot of vitamin C which give you healthy skin.  Also chocolate  itself is also good for body and makes you relax with tea.  We chose all sweets in  the green tea box are low in calories/fat.  One small bite makes you happy and relax.  Therefore you don’t have to feel guilty.  Green Tea box  is three monthly box which is full of various green tea Macha flavor Japanese snacks. We Japanese love this sweets and those are seen at party, morning/afternoon tea, teabreak, night snack time, anytime and anywhere in Japan. This box  contains exciting mix of new trendy snacks, traditional favorites, and popular flavors!

There are many delicious and high quality green tea Macha sweets in Japan. We would like to introduce these delicious green tea sweets as much as possible. Also via green tea box, we would like to help you understand our healthy and unique culture. Therefore we afraid  only one box is not good enough. We believe three monthly delivery is a perfect term. Of course you can have a try just one time.  If you want to  continue to receive the  box after three months, yes, you can. Enjoy our healthy sweets. Need a break? Don’t worry! You can cancel your monthly shipments at any time !
Alfort Mini Matcha Chocolate Biscuit  (12pcs/box) 
Petit Matcha Chocochip Cookies 
Petit Uji Matcha Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
Kyoto Uji Macha Chocolate 3 kinds (12 pcs)
Matcha Kit Kat (12bars)

Maxim stick Matcha Latte(3 sticks)

Alfort matcha Chocolate Biscuits

Putit matcha chocolate chips

greentea choco cookies

Nestle match kit kat

Maxim stick macha latte

Green tea matcha chocolates






Green tea matcha chocolate


ALFORT mini chocolate premium Matcha

One of Japanese long-sellered product.Crunchy cocoa biscuit and matcha flavored chocolate are best combination. Enjoy the aroma and taste of  elegant green tea.


greentea chocochip cookie


Bourbon Petit Choco chip cookies Matcha
A scent of green tea matcha was noticeable. A bite is perfect size for women, even if you eat the whole package, it’s still less 300 guilty after eating all!

green tea matcha choco


Bourbon Petit for Adults Chocolate Biscuits with Kyoto Uji Matcha Cream

This is more rich taste of match cream especially for adults.
Cocoa biscuits taste like Oreo.
Enjoy afternoon tea with arms flavor of green tea .


green Tea kit kat

Kit Kat Matcha flavor


Number of fans of Matcha( green tea) flavored KitaKat have been increasing year and year. Especially matcha flavor has been spreading all over the normal Kit Kat base. When you put Kit Kat Uji matcha in your mouth, you will experience a Japanese taste from the matcha flavor that escapes to your nose.
Never heard  of the voice of “don’t like it”. Everyone is loving it!!!
We are sure one of the most popular Japanese sweets. You should have a try!  We highly recommend.

mazim stick matcha latte





Maxim Matcha Green Tea Flavored Instant Latte

Very easy to make a green tea flavored latte.


Japanese green tea motcha chocolate

Kyoto Uji Macha Chocolate 3 kinds (12 pcs)
3 kinds of matcha chocolates cute cubes!  Just awesome
1 matcha chocolate with  crispy rice puffs
2 matcha melting jam with a shell of milk chocolate 
3 matcha chocolate bar.








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