We have lots of world-famous sweets. Galapagos Japanese snack are now keeping attracting hungry fans in all over the world.
The strawberry box is full of Japanese Kawaii (cute) items.  All of those sweets look cute and very girly.  None dislike strawberry flavored snacks! Also chocolate itself is also good for body and makes you relax with tea. We chose all sweets in the strawberry box are low in calories/fat. One small bite makes you happy and relax. Therefore you don’t have to feel guilty.  The strawberry  box is three monthly box which is full of various  cute shaped Japanese snacks. We Japanese love this sweets and those are seen at party, morning/afternoon tea, teabreak, night snack time, anytime and anywhere in Japan. This box contains exciting mix of new trendy snacks, traditional favorites, and popular flavors!




Giant caplico strawberry chocolate bar





Strawberry Giant Caplico
〜Never melting ice cream??〜

Cone shape crispy biscuit with chocolate filling and strawberry on the top.
They look just like ice creams! Let’s surprise your friends!

picola strawberry chocolate stick





Picola Strawberry

~Picola’s rival is Mikado Pocky! Which do you like?~  

Looks like Mikado Pocky, but it is strawberry  flavoured cream wafer sticks It tastes like walking on the clouds!  It is irresistable!




mikado strawberry flavored pocky




Mikado Strawberry Pocky
~Easy to handle stick that keeps chocolate off of your hands.
It’s a great innovation!〜

This is also world-famous Japanese snacks. In Europe, it is called MIKADO. Biscuit-like cookie coated in sweet strawberry cream. It’s irresistible taste

strawberry chocolate biscuits



Village of Bamboo Shoots
~Japanese chocolate manufacturer
coming up with sweets as bamboo, wow!  〜

One of the most popular chocolate snacks in Japan.  Crunchy biscuit “stalk” and a chocolate “cap” are best combination. Very tasty!





strawberry chocolate puffed barley




Strawberry chocolate coated puffed barley
~only 63 calories! Amazing power of barley~

Barley is one of healthy foods. High-fiber and cholesterol-free. You should have a regular snack in your bag. Design of package is so cute.




strawberry chocolate ball




Strawberry Choco Balls
~Can’t stop popping it〜

Crunchy white chocolate cookie inside a shiny strawberry chocolate coating
It looks like Whopper, but more tinier and more creamy.  Cute tiny balls are perfectly sized-sized for popping, making it easy to get addicted. Can’t stop moving hands.



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