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Biscuit With GreenTea Matcha Cream (10pieces)

Are you on diet now? How about this tiny biscuits with delicious green tea matcha cream?
You don’t need to feel guilty. Green tea matcha is good for health. and 40% green tea powder of chocolate cream are contained.

So you enjoy more rich and fragrant of green tea match flavor.

Petit size and 10 pieces are just a perfect for light snack.
Green tea matcha cream is not too sweet and cocoa biscuits are good for adult.


$4,88 with free shipping and one more petit Japanese sweet.
We recommend you to add more than one. One for you, one for your friend.
$10 only for 3 packs with free shipping and three petit Japanese sweets of course!
Buy more and save more!

Also if you are a big fan of green tea matcha,  how about this?
Fulled with green tea Matcha Box gift $   with free shipping!

Green Tea Box



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