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Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat (12 mini bars)


The Matcha Kit Kat became very famous world-wide! It’s mega-hit Japanese green tea flavored chocolate.

Why is the Matcha Kit Kat So popular?
Tourists from foreign countries who visit Japan buy the Matcha Kit Kat for souvenirs. The number of people fall in love with this green tea taste.
The rumor about tasty green tea Kit Kat spread worldwide.
Tourists get many the Matcha Kit Kat.Just shopping sprees!

We highly recommend to get the Matcha Kit Kat,  more than one.

$9,88 with free shipping and one secret Japanese snack!

If you want more than one, please let us know in a contact form.

The Matcha Kit Kat is really worth to try.

(Caution)The Matcha flavoured  Kit Kat is made for adults with a less sweet flavour, its flavour really hits you.  Of course kids can have a break with this flavored Kit Kat, too!
Smell  the delicate scent of green tea matcha.

As the weather heats up,  it becomes  difficult to guarantee chocolate will arrive in good condition. If temperatures in your location are above 23C (73F), you may choose other matcha flavored sweets in our site! Thank you.



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