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Mikado Pockey Strawberry (3pacages per 1 quality)


One of most popular Japanese snacks, “Pocky” which is called “Mikado” in foreign countries.

4 reasons why Japanese schoolgirls love so POCKY.

1 Delicious harmony ;delicious balance of the crispy pretzel stick and the decorative coating of high-quality, creamy strawberry chocolate. Girls love strawberry flavor. Nobody dislike it though.
2 Easy to handle ;  without getting strawberry chocolate cream on your hands.
3 Easy to carry; one box has two packages. Small among of light snack prevent from overeating.
4 Fun to snap ;Whether satisfying your craving by yourself or sharing the good times with friends.Let’s give it a nice *Pocky snap* with a flick of the wrist and a joyful arm gesture


3 Boxes with Free shipping
One for you, one for your family ,and one for your friends! Share your happiness.
One box is not good enough, we don’t want you extra shipping fee just only one box.
If you want to get more than 3 boxes, please let us know via contact form.

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