Go see truly trandy Japanese culture through the unique products! That makes your life vivid. You happy. We happy!

Globalisation is making it closer and closer to world. On the other hand, it harder and harder to find anything really different from countries to countries. Japan have been still continuing to be many sources of products that are truly different . That makes many pople facinated.


When opening delivered masu package, you can enjoy the rich fragrance of Japanese wooden sake cup.   This cool cup is made with Japanese Cypress. Please  welcome your friends with this masu sake cup at your party :O)
It's a stylish item to drink from.

samurai warrior

Samurai T-shirt

Let's seek the 8 spirits of samurai worrir code  via T-shirt.


Konjac soft face sponge, Sake moisture skin lotion, pure horse oil cream, kabuki face pack. Japanese Cosme are well-known as high-quality and healthy natural products. Therefore many Hollywood makeup artists are fallen love with them. 


Tea ceremony, matcha bar, matcha KitKat, Why do people crazy about  matcha ? healthy? Yes! Beautiful? of course yes! but what else? Go see the secret world of Matcha!

ZEN Diet Food

Except for Sushi, Tempura, Edamame, Japanese cuisines are fulled with many super diet foods in low calories, high protein, and lots of fiber. We use lots of dried Zen foods. Easy to cook in countries far away from Japan!  

japanese artcraft


Once you step in Japan, it is impossible to spend one day without hearing the word "kawaii".But what is Kawaii?? Is it just a word toward cute girls, little children, Lolita fashion?? We have lots of aspects of kawaii world. Let's find it out!

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen


Cooka mainly supply healthy products, but  we can't resist night snacks, too!  We can't explain Japanese foods without ramen. Let's dig in Raman for a change!   


Japanese sweets have two aspects between traditional and trendy. Which one would you like for tea break today?


We introduce Japanese cool modern aircrafts which suits well for western lifestyle, as well.