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 Each countries has many beautiful cultures and so Japan does. Japane has mixure of traditional culture and modern culture together peacefully.
 As widely knowing Manga (Japanese comic, such as Dragonball, Naruto, Onepieace)  , food ( ramen, matcha, edamame etc)  and Japanese baseball players,
 people in foreign countires are getting interested in more about Japanese real life and eager to know about more through foods and goods.
 Theare are many online shopping site which sell Japanese foods and goods, but unfortunatelly most of them are written in Japanese.


Our stuff of COOKA are all Japanese, and they select the best & excited goods with high qualities everyday aiming to make people to be happyand feel awesome through our goods.

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Japanese life-style, which we think it of normal, seems differennt and unique to other pople in the world.We, Cooka,  introduce everyday Japanese life and goods in this site.


“Passion” is our game here.  All of our articles are written by Japanese through their actual experiences with various elements of Japanese culture in their lives. If you contact us you’ll be straight in touch with us, with no automated responses,your comments are always very welcomed,no matter what you buy it or not.”

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Our writers have strong passion to help you get true value of Japanese high quality goods made in Japan And someday when you want to visit Japan, we would like you to realize  how wonderful island it is and fall in love.This web will introduce to the world what we value most about Japan.Hopefully enjoy reading our web articles and looking forward to meeting you in Japan someday!!