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Yam Cake chips


Konnyaku is made from Konnyaku potato (yam cake).
often used as a super diet food which is no calories, but is high in fiber!  It  has very little taste itself, and  two flavors of those snacks are chicken broth, and, salt with a slightly oceanic taste(seaweed).





Yam Cake Jelley

This fruit jelly is made from Yam cake. It tastes like just Nata de coco. Grapes flavor and Peach flavor.

Soy Chocolate






Women strugle to stay slim and  at the same time, they can’t resist to eat chocolate.   This cube chocolate has  two women’s desires. It compounds of roasted soy bean in a class of phytoestrogens known as soy isoflavones. It tastes sweet milky chocolate with rich soy bean flavor.

Ninja gummy candy




Hard crunchiness is  the key point of this Ninja gummy.
It takes a while to eat up all candis in one pacage, and juicy graps tastes tantalizes your taste buds. You need to be patient. Acient Ninja was also patient.

sugar snap pea snack



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