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Art made of Japanese cypress, HINOKI
Hinoki is regarded as a great luxury in Japan. Famous for its crisp fragrance as well as its versatility as building material. Also Hinoki is a favorite choice for hot spring baths and for sake.
Simpbol of good luck
the Masu has become known as a vessel for serving sake, as well as a symbol of good luck. The term Masu translates to growth&increase in Japanese, and is thus an icon of prosperity and great happiness.
Relaxation Effect
The fresh fragrance of the Japanese Cypress makes people feel walking peacefully in a forest has been scientifically proven to have a relaxing and refreshing effect. It's just aromatic decoration.
Chic gift and relaxation effect
Aromatic wooden gift is a perfect for special celemonies, celebrations and even in Japanese restaurants. Drinking wine and sake with Masu cup makes people feel special smelling masu aroma.

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Wooden Sake Cup Masu

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