Zen Food Diet

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Difficult to cook Japanese Zen Food?? Nooo! Easy to make Japanese Super Foods! We use them everydays!

Vegitalian Zen meals are based on Buddhist monk's cuisuine that helps all of you to be healthier and enjoy pleasure of eating without any stress. Cooka introduces mainly Japanese traditional healthy superfoods to cook easily and enjoy amazing taste. Happy Body and Mind. Also Japanese tradisional cuisine was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. Why don't you have a try of such a amazing foods easily!!


We LOVE soybeans and eat soybeans almost everyday through Miso soup, Natto, or Edamame.We often enjoy using it with Japanese sweets. Tastes amazing! 


Vegitalian Soymeat Substitutes. Made with non-GMO soybeans and zero agricultural chemicals brawn rice. Zero cholesterol, high fiber, low GI. 

Sesami Dressing Powder

Do you struggle to make Japanese cuisine and create Japanese flavor in your country?? No worry! This sesame dressing powder is easy to create Japanese taste quickly. Just dress any vegetables with this powder!!!  


Freeze-dried Tofu with soup power is very east to cook and long preservation. Just have a try one of Japanese super food. 

Zen Ramen Pasta

Konjac is Devil Tongue??? No way! Zen Ramen Pasta helps prevent weight gain. Why? It is because this miracle zen ramen pasta is zero calorie food.

miso soup

Miso; fermented super food

Begin your day with a bowl of miso soup!  Add the vegetables whatever you like in miso soup. Hollywood super model Miranda Karr also loves miso.


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